New businesses could reopen despite confinement

New businesses could reopen despite confinement

Some businesses that are not on the list of those considered essential could however join it, announced Bruno Le Maire who is also working on the possibility of liquidating stocks outside the sales period.

Since March 20, it is again confinement for 20 million French people in 16 departments, including the Paris region. Who says confinement, says closure of non-essential businesses, but the list has grown considerably since the second confinement in November: chocolate makers and opticians have been added to the list. And now, it is florists, garden centers, hairdressers, law firms, notaries, booksellers and record stores who have received the authorization to keep their curtains open for four weeks. And it is not impossible that other businesses will get the green light.

Not a perfect situation

At the microphone of RTL, Bruno Le Maire explained that his door was not closed. ” I’m not saying it’s perfect (…) We’ll see if things can be improved “. The government intends to look at each situation ” to see if there are any that need to be fixed “. Beauty salons in particular could benefit from this: the latter indeed consider themselves to be at the same level as the hairdressers who are open. The Minister of the Economy indicates that contacts have been made with traders: “ I will keep the same spirit of dialogue and openness that has animated me since the start of this crisis ».

Stock clearance

In the same vein, he hinted that ready-to-wear stores could be allowed to liquidate their stocks in April, after the lockdown. ” We are working on the clearance of stocks normally reserved for the sales period. Which would mean that traders could liquidate their stock in April when we will not be in a sales period. “, He detailed. A little air for businesses that are having serious difficulties getting through the health crisis.

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