no relief from restrictions?

no relief from restrictions?

France is facing a third wave of contamination by Sars-CoV-2 which has led the government to confine, even if in a relatively flexible way, 16 departments. Containment 3 which could be extended and which will be relevant during the Easter holidays. But if at Christmas the family had been privileged, at Easter it should be another story.

Easter will not be done with the family

Is Easter less important than Christmas to the government? If we believe the information that BFMTV was able to obtain, Monday, March 22, 2021, from government sources, this is the case. According to the channel, in fact, the government would be opting for a hard line on family reunions during the Easter weekend … which is moreover a weekend of three days, because of the Easter Monday, public holiday. As a reminder, Easter, in 2021, falls on Sunday April 4.

It seems obvious that the government wants to avoid, during this long weekend, the displacement of populations which could lead to the spread of the virus throughout the territory, which would only exacerbate the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. . Especially since the beautiful days begin with Spring and … the traditional bridges of May will not be there this year 2021, the 1is and May 8, 2021 falling on a Saturday.

A hard blow for chocolate makers?

If the government confirms the information from BFMTV and, therefore, the ban on meeting with family during the Easter weekend, it will be yet another hard blow for chocolate makers for whom the Easter holidays are strategic. With around 4% of annual sales, thanks to the tradition of eggs, Easter is indeed the second most lucrative period for chocolate specialists, behind Christmas which represents a little less than 10% of sales.

There is therefore a risk of total misunderstanding for the sector: the government has decided, for this Containment 3, to qualify chocolate makers as “essential shops” in order to allow them to remain open during this period. But if the family Easter holidays are canceled, sales could well be very disappointing.

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