Opt for a 100% French Cloud associated with certified trust

Opt for a 100% French Cloud associated with certified trust

According to a Gartner study, 28% of business IT spending will be devoted to the cloud by 2022, compared to 19% in 2018. If the use of the cloud has been steadily increasing for ten years? es, the market? Global has recently taken on a new dimension: representing $ 45.3 billion in 2017, it could reach $ 278.3 billion in 2021.

For businesses and administrations, the cloud is mainly synonymous with scalability ?, speed and agility ?; these specificities do e? chos a? their necessary suitability for new digital uses and a? their capacity? at? maintain innovation. For a large part of organizations, this call for the cloud can be explained by the covid-19 crisis and the need? to massively use collaborative online tools, e-commerce, training a? distance and streaming content, essential for? the continuity? of the activity?.

Security, a key subject to generalize cloud adoption

More than 50% of companies plan to transfer all of their data to the cloud within two years. However, as recent studies show, companies are worried about security? data stored there, whether the cloud is public or private. In France, in 2012, a first attempt to secure data was made? initiated by the creation of Numergy and Cloudwatt, competing clouds financed by French manufacturers with the support of the State. These so-called “sovereign” clouds were intended to protect the sensitive data of businesses and the French administration, in the face of an alternative of ultra-dominant American services on the market.

If these two initiatives turned out to be failures, undoubtedly linked to mentalities that were not ready, the fact remains that a very important need for confidentiality? hosted data in a secure cloud. In addition, since May 25, 2018, with the application of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies must be much more vigilant in their choice in cloud computing. Besides the non-conformity? to the GDPR, other risks weigh on companies, required to ensure the protection of their data, particularly sensitive: among the risks identified, the Cloud Act legislated by the United States in 2018 or industrial espionage again …

Playing the cloud of trust card on a European scale

Recent initiatives to develop a trusted European multicloud such as Gaia-X clearly highlight the strengths of French and European players for transparent and secure digital innovation. e, synonymous with many advantages for data controllers. These different projects are also imbued with a will? strong Europe and its member countries to acquire technical and economic independence in the sector of digital data and cloud computing.

In any case, this numerical independence necessarily involves the capacity? to guard against the legal or judicial interference of third countries. Entrusting the hosting of its data to GAFAM in no way guarantees their total security. In particular, the Cloud Act conflicts with the GDPR, because it allows the American government to obtain data stored in American servers based around the world, without informing the users concerned.

The benefit of relying on a French service provider

By using the services of an approved French service provider, hosting data in France and having no connection with a company governed by American law (or other nationality), administrations and national companies are ensure their entire safety? and the sole application of the laws of the Republic. Organizations thus offer a? their data, and in particular the most sensitive, a level of security? at? meet the expectations of users, but also the standards in force in France and Europe.

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