Public Health Mail France: beware of the scam!

Public Health Mail France: beware of the scam!

Be careful, phishing. If you receive a message from Public Health France offering you protective equipment against Covid-19, do not respond to it and do not click on the links that have been sent to you. This is a scam to steal your money.

This email from Public Health France is a scam

Even in times of crisis, scams abound. And during the Covid-19 epidemic, what could be better than a health agency to defraud people? Latest find to date, false emails signed Public Health France, it changes false emails signed La Poste or CAF, crooks are definitely never short of ideas.

Fraudulent emails signed Public Health France invite their victims to buy products to protect themselves from Covid-19 (masks, gels, etc.). Obviously, this is not the case and, as usual, the crooks’ maneuver is to collect information that will then allow them to steal money. Well known, this technique is called phishing, that is, “phishing”.

Phishing : a fraudulent email to steal your money

The Public Health France email scam is so widespread that the Interior Ministry tweeted on March 11, 2021: ” Be careful, fraudulent emails masquerading as Public Health France are currently circulating. If you receive one, do not click on the links and do not respond. For advice in the event of phishing, contact Info escroqueries on 0 805 805 817 ยป.

Same warning on the Twitter account of Public Health France which invites people who have received a message of this type to report it on A word of advice: in general, never give your bank details by email.

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