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Car wheel impact wrench test: Auto Bild’s Top 10 Car wheel impact wrench test: Auto Bild’s Top 10

Here are the best performing screwdrivers for car wheels in the Auto Bild test and what the weak points of the most popular brands are

March 31, 2023 – 3:29 p.m.

The German magazine Auto Bild put one of the most useful DIY wheel replacement accessories to the test. In the car wheel wrench testthe technicians compared 10 portable tools which facilitate maintenance and changing wheels. Think, for example, of deep cleaning the rims or the seasonal wheel change from winter to summer and vice versa. By the way, in this article we explain how to properly store your wheels in the garage. Here is which are the best impact wrenches for car wheels in the test and ranking with advantages and disadvantages according to Auto Bild.


THE car wheel battery screwdriver test compares 10 impact wrench models with price from 55 to 326 euros. The comparative test tested the purely amateur and the most professional brands or ones designed to withstand intensive use. The characteristics common to all are the presence of a lithium battery, the accessory ½ inch e the possibility of screwing with a maximum torque up to 300 Nm (according to manufacturer’s data). A value much higher than the torque needed to tighten the wheels of a car, which is also very useful for unscrewing the tightest bolts.


Some recommendations useful that we give you before seeing the test results in detail, are:

  • never overtighten the wheel bolts when fitting the small wheel or the spare wheel, either by hand or with electric or pneumatic tools;
  • do not drive for long with the spare wheel (if the wear is very different from that of the tire mounted on the opposite side) or the small wheel, but go to the workshop for verification Also assembly the wheel changed, on the occasion of the repair of a puncture;
  • six the wheel bolts are too tight, does not insist with the impact wrench because the risk of breaking the thread is high. Instead, loosen the bolt by hand, reducing physical effort with a longer lever. Only then use the screwdriver, without exceeding the tightening torque recommended in the car’s instruction booklet when screwing.


Auto Bild engineers compared car wheel impact wrenches by screwing strength class 10.9 M14 wheel bolts into a drilled steel rod. After checking the correct tightening with a comparison test with a torque wrenchrespectively, at 100-110-150-250Nm. Finally, they tested the speed and time taken by the screwdrivers to unscrew the tight bolt. Here is the test results in detail, with the ranking from last to first position, with pros and cons, according to Auto Bild:

10. Kunzer 7ASS03 – satisfactory

Benefits: less weight of the test;
Against: less reliable above 200 Nm, default settings are missing;

9. NTG HWZ 2030: satisfactory

Benefits: complete with accessories and case;
Against: identical to Trotec, reliable up to 250 Nm, inefficient when unscrewing at 300 Nm;

8. Trotec PIWS 10-20V: Satisfactory

Benefits: complete set;
Against: identical to NTG, reliable up to 250 Nm, inefficient when unscrewing at 300 Nm;

7. Bosch GDS 18V-300 – satisfactory

Benefits: compact, lightweight;
Against: has no pre-selection of settings, solid, can be activated autostop when loosening the nut;

6. Parkside X 20 V PASSK 20 Li-A1: satisfactory

Benefits: price, road holding, good performance at high torques;
Against: the actual torque deviates greatly from the values ​​indicated on the tool;

5. Einhell Impaxxo 18/400: good

Benefits: power capable of unscrewing screws with extreme ease, best value for money;
Against: dimensions, weight;

4. Worx WX 272 X: Good

Benefits: complete equipment, price;
Against: good performance up to 200 Nm;

3. Hazet 9212-M1: Good

Benefits: weight, maneuverability, ability to unscrew even at 300 Nm (the maximum declared torque is 270 Nm);
Against: none;

2. Makita DTW300 – good

Benefits: weight, performance, best handling test, hitchhiking after loosening the nut;
Against: none;

1. DeWalt DCF 894N: Good

Benefits: high unscrewing capacity even at 300 Nm, high quality, suitable for professional use;
Against: none.

Source : Sicur Auto


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