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Mercedes C-Class with a battery that often discharges: the solution Mercedes C-Class with a battery that often discharges: the solution

Mercedes C-Class Dead Battery Issue Addressed In Official Tech Bulletin: Here’s How To Fix It

21 June 2023 – 10:49

There Mercedes C-Class with discharged battery this is a known problem and quite frequent on some versions. Indeed, it may happen that the engine does not start even if the battery has just been changed or that despite the load battery drains often. In the following paragraphs, we report the details of the problem and the solution in the technical bulletin distributed by a well-known company that produces technical bulletins and tools for the aftermarket. As always, we remind you to make use of your rights if the used car warranty is valid. If, on the other hand, it has already expired and your mechanic cannot figure out the problem, show him the following information.


The problem of low car battery Mercedes C-Class As with all car models, this is a trivial fault when solved simply by recharging the battery, checking its efficiency and replacing it if it is depleted. When The car does not start even if the battery has been changed recently, which discharges, it is clear that there is a component that causes abnormal absorption. In this regard, we have created a guide to measure the absorption of the battery with the engine off. In the specific case of Mercedes C Class Won’t Startthe official network has published a technical bulletin which specifies in a more precise way the low battery problem on certain versions:

  • Mercedes C-Class W204;
  • production from January 2007 to June 2014;
  • issue, The engine will not start due to low battery.


There low car battery Mercedes C-Class W204according to experts, it should be solved quite simply:

  • check battery status;
  • check the absence of other errors in the OBD diagnosis;
  • substitute faulty exterior light switch.

Details of these interventions come from Official Mercedes Technical Bulletin GI54.10-P-053760to which the automotive repairer can refer for more information.


After excluding the possibility that the self-discharged battery is due to absorption with the engine off, attention should be paid to the state of battery health and car usage. Since a high-performance and high-quality battery is the prerequisite for ensuring an efficient, safe and ready-to-use car. The strong absorption of starter represents a challenge for the energy balance of the car battery, as well as other indispensable devices such as the radiator fan. The latter, when driving around town, can require up to 800W from the battery to cool the motor, which means that it is important to avoid long stops and short periods of driving to preserve the battery.

Also, the use of headlights can represent an additional load on the battery, with a consumption of around 100W, although this value can be reduced to around 50W with the use of LED lights. To these are added the use of air conditionerof the stereo and other power-hungry devices that help “drain” the battery before it can be recharged while driving. If the car is not in use, then it is advisable to connect the car to a charge maintainer or check the battery more often and if necessary recharge it.

Source : Sicur Auto


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