The fuzzy contours of the Covid bonus will deprive many low wages

The fuzzy contours of the Covid bonus will deprive many low wages

According to two economists, Julie Valentin and François-Xavier Devetter, many people qualified as second-line workers, very exposed to the virus, will not receive the Covid premium promised by the government. In question, the blurred outlines of this promise.

A Covid premium promise that is difficult to keep

The government announced Monday, March 15, 2021 a new Covid bonus for second-line workers. This premium allows companies to pay a tax-exempt premium exempt from social contributions to all their employees. within a limit of 1,000 euros per premium. This bonus mainly targets people who are overexposed to the pandemic and earn little.

For Julie Valentin and François-Xavier Devette, two French economists, many employees targeted by the government’s announcement will not receive this bonus. « There is a broad consensus that these workers should be paid more but when taking out the sum individually, there is a risk of relativizing the work that is done “, Estimates François-Xavier Devetter.

A Covid bonus for people overexposed to the virus

The bonus, which primarily targets workers overexposed to the virus and earning little, should concern between ” 3 and 5 million employees “Among which, truck drivers, delivery men, home helpers …” All these jobs have low pay levels, most often below 1.2 monthly minimum wage », Recalls François-Xavier Devetter.

The Covid bonus would thus be a way of highlighting their work in the shadows. However, Julie Valentin believes that “ people might not have any at all. Those who are multi-employer, who will they ask? The employer will refer to the principal », Since in fact, the still unclear contours of this promise provide that the amount and recipient of the bonus are left to the employer’s discretion.

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