The Police demand more resources, the executive is considering new pants

The Police demand more resources, the executive is considering new pants

The Minister of the Interior proposed to several fashion schools to design the new uniform of the French police officers. An initiative not well received by the police who demand additional resources as well as by the students who will work for free.

New uniforms designed for free by students

Documentations, a media devoted to art, published via its Twitter account, on Wednesday March 17, 2021, a letter from the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin sent to 24 fashion schools but also to vocational high schools offering the “sector”. Fashion professions “. The courier invited them to propose ideas for participating in ” the evolution of police attire ».

A proposal that the department describes, the outfit will have to give ” a more modern appearance, more in tune with the needs of the field and the realities of society », He then adds the desired characteristics. An initiative that comes seventeen years after the Balansiga house redesigned police uniforms in 2004.

Nothing shocking so far except maybe the students participating in this updated men’s uniforms in blue, will do it for free. A free which irritates the actors of the sector who see in it a desire to reduce costs on the part of the government.

Uniforms instead of additional resources

The new uniforms initiative raises questions. This is a heavy expense while the police are calling for additional resources in order to best perform their missions. In 2004, the change of uniforms cost around 21 million euros. The package of a police officer representing a cost of 533 euros.

Thus, if the police are asking for additional staff or resources in the face of the increase in fights and urban violence as in Blois last week, the government’s response is to provide them with ” a more modern appearance ».

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