Three speeches that could have changed history

Three speeches that could have changed history

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump… and now Joe Biden: the course of history would have been very different if they had each given a very simple speech…

To get the week off to a good start, let’s imagine an alternative version of history …

… Where the United States would have taken advantage of three particularly wise and courageous leaders… who looked their fellow citizens in the eye at critical times and were honest with them. Three simple and short presidential speeches that could have changed the course of history.

George W. Bush :

“Dreadful people blew up two buildings in New York… and hit the Pentagon as well. NOTWe have joined forces with police around the world to arrest those responsible and bring them to justice. Do not worry. We will know.

By the way, we are withdrawing all of our troops from the Middle East. It was a mistake from the start. “

No war on terror. No invasion of Iraq. No chaos in the Levant. No invoice at $ 7,000 billion. Not 800,000 dead. Not 37 million displaced people. No “Warrior culture”. No “report any abandoned package”. Just good old-fashioned detective work … for a limited cost.

Barack Obama :

“Yes, a storm is taking place on Wall Street. But under no circumstances will I ask Americans, who earn an average of $ 40,000 a year, to bail out people who have collected millions of dollars in bonuses. The financial industry can fend for itself. “

No need for an ersatz “courage to act” on the part of former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. No TARP, TALF, TSLF. No bailout from General Motors.

No bailout either for AIG, Bank of America, JPMorgan, Citi, Wells Fargo, Chase, Goldman Sachs. No quantitative easing. No $ 3.6 trillion in additional money printing, and not $ 4.6 trillion in additional spending

No drop in interest rates. No huge stock market rebound. No new bubble.

Donald Trump :

“We are facing a potential health crisis. The elderly and those with weak immune systems are at risk. We will make all necessary efforts to protect them, using all the available resources of our medical sector.

About 5% of the population is at risk of dying from the disease – the old and the weak, who are vulnerable to Covid-19 as they would be to any new strain of influenza.

The risk to the rest of the population is not enough to make it a federal case. Of those who catch the virus, outside the most vulnerable groups, apparently 99.7% survive. Let’s keep a cool head, then… and do our best to protect those in need. But let’s not panic and make the situation worse. “

No confinements. No mass unemployment. No additional unemployment benefits. No salary protection program at $ 733 billion. No CARES Act at $ 2,200 billion. No Response & Relief Act for nearly an additional $ 1,000 billion. And no American back-up plan for nearly $ 2,000 billion more.

No bankrupt restaurants, hotels, gyms or cinemas. No millions of jobless people waiting for their aid check.

No hordes of young traders driving up the prices of companies who have never made a dime and probably not worth anything.

No zero interest rate. No borrowing fever among households, businesses and government – bringing total US debt to $ 80,000 billion … a threshold where it is impossible to survive at normal rates imposed by the market.

Too horrible to imagine

Imagine that. No big words. No bold new programs. No promises. No fantasies. No assertions. No lies.

And $ 15,000 billion in savings.

But then how would the rich have become so rich? What would have made stock prices soar? Who would have paid all the Pentagon suppliers?

And the big banks, so… what would have happened to the million dollar performance bonuses?

Oh, dear reader… that is far too horrible to imagine.

Thank goodness we found the leaders who could rise to the occasion – the men James Madison was talking about. Weak people, cowards and morons… They destroyed the country but thanks to them, the money continued to flow!

George W. Bush was quite ready to follow the Eternal War program of the Deep State.

Barack Obama made wars continue, bailed out Wall Street and skewed the entire economy, giving it a grotesque new shape (but making the rich richer than ever).

Donald Trump… unable to end wars… unable to stop financial damage… unable to understand the real threat of the Covid-19 crisis… but ready to take economic antics to a whole new level.

And now… what more could the playful gods ask for?

Joe Biden.

Idiot ? Scoundrel? Charlatan? In any case, ready to bring even more deals to all these insiders – to the elites who really constitute “the government” …

… While pretending to help us, “all of us”.

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