TNT will not change numbering

TNT will not change numbering

The French will be happy to know: no need to change their habits when it comes to watching television via the various boxes that offer DTT. While a change of numbering appeared in the files of the CSA, the latter finally decided that it will not be. At least for now.

Two channels soon to be empty on TNT

Why could the channel numbering as it is today have changed? Quite simply because there are two channels which will soon be empty. Channel 14, historically from France 4 and whose broadcasting will end in mid-2021 after a few months of suspension, and channel 19, attributed to France Ô which has ceased to broadcast, will ultimately be unassigned. But… they are well placed and therefore attract broadcasters.

To see more clearly, the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) launched, in December 2020, a public consultation which did not collect many contributions: barely 29, the majority of which are from industry players. We must believe that the French, them, are not worried about a change of numbering.

No change for now

The CSA, by analyzing the contributions, therefore decided not to change anything, which was the scenario favored by the people who answered the institution’s questions. In a press release published on March 22, 2021, the CSA explains pulling “ the teaching that there is no need to immediately proceed to renumbering operations ».

“Immediately”, therefore: a change is still not excluded, but it will be done over time. Waiting, the French will have ephemeral channels, like CultureBox currently broadcast on channel 19 instead of France Ô… or empty channels without a signal.

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