Twitter turns 15 | Aramco loses $ 40 billion | The ski world loses 1 billion

 Twitter turns 15 |  Aramco loses $ 40 billion |  The ski world loses 1 billion

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THE NUMBER1 billion | This is the loss of turnover for manufacturers and distributors of winter sports equipment, according to Union Sport & Cycle. The ski season, almost white with the closure of the ski lifts, is very expensive for mountain professionals. “One in three businesses is in an absolute emergency” warns Julien Gauthier, who brings together the Skiset brand. The situation for manufacturers is critical. The last quarter of 2020, decisive for our sector, suffered greatly from uncertainties regarding the opening of ski lifts. But the worst is yet to come. Preseason orders for next winter will be non-existent and the factories are at a standstill, ”said Bruno Cercley, president of the Rossignol group.

HE SAIDJACK DORSEY, THE FOUNDER OF TWITTER | “I create my Twttr account”, with these few words, Jack Dorsey posted 15 years ago the first tweet in the history of this social network.

Today, it is more than 190 million users who are registered, with a brand kicked out: Donald Trump, who was excluded from the platform after the incidents and violence on the Capitol last January.

For you here are 15 hashtags that have marked Twitter in France according to the company Visibrain:

THE INFO ARAMCO, BENEFIT DIVIDED BY 2 | Saudi Aramco announces a net profit of 41 billion euros in 2020 (-44%), due to the fall in crude oil prices and declines in volume sold. In 2019, the Saudi oil giant had performed at more than 73 billion euros. These “bad” results are expected to impact Aramco’s ongoing privatization process. The Saudi regime had also announced a few months ago a contraction of its investment plans.

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