Understand the LOA before committing

Understand the LOA before committing

You’ve probably already noticed it: for a few years now, car advertisements no longer advertise a sale price, but a rental price, often tempting.

Democratization of the LOA

A brand even compares the price of its car to that of a magazine. « For one magazine per day, treat yourself to the new BIIIPPPP ». The phenomenon is growing so much that now you can also buy other things for rent, for example a television set, or a household appliance.

Sorry: You can also rent other things, which you will often never own. Because this is the main concern of the LOA or LLD offers. This is totally impossible with the LLD since the acronym precisely means long-term rental. Only the LOA: rental with option to purchase, offers this possibility. But in reality, many are discouraged, discovering that it is still necessary to put a lot in the pocket to become fully owner.

LOA and LLD are not credits

All is not necessarily black: for example, renting a computer or a mobile phone makes it possible to change it, for example, every year, in order to always have the latest model. But of course, this luxury comes at a price. Conversely, for an automobile, you have to be really passionate, and always want to drive a new or almost new car, to change it every two or three years thanks to the LOA or the LLD.

Not to mention that at the time of return of the rented vehicle or device, there is the bad surprise of the standard refurbishment fee. Only here it is: LOA and LLD have a major advantage up their sleeve: since they are not credits, we will not calculate your debt ratio. And yet you agree to pay a certain amount every month for one, two, or three years. So be careful before signing.

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