up to 20,000 euros soon authorized

up to 20,000 euros soon authorized

The crisis is not over, and we are already worried about the fate of the French woolen socks.

Allow intergenerational donations

Even though millions of them could not save last year, quite the contrary, but had to dig deep into it until it was exhausted, when they did not lose everything, house included. But that’s okay: indecency is one of our favorite national sports. Some people eat cream puffs while talking about the fate of the savings of the French when others do not even have enough to buy bread. Known air.

If I am telling you about it today, it is because the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Lemaire, is asked to loosen the fiscal grip a little around donations. The latest news is that there is talk of authorizing intergenerational donations of up to 20,000 euros. It is to forget that in reality, it is already perfectly authorized to give money to its children, grandchildren, or even parents, and this, without giving up a cent to the tax authorities.

A donation to help

The condition ? This money must be used to help the one who receives it. Help him pay his rent. Allow him to buy a car to go to work. Pay late bills, or fill up at the supermarket. These sums are not then qualified as donation or donation by the tax authorities, but as “customary gifts”.

Now, if this assistance is recurrent, it can have another name: that of alimony. Advantage, labeled as such, it is tax deductible. Not only therefore do you pay no rights on it, but as a bonus, it allows you to benefit from an income tax reduction.

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